Noxgraphics did an awesome job constructing my website.

Roxanne the owner and webmaster extraordinaire is very knowledgeable with her craft and talented with her gift. Her creativity is excellent. She is a person of honesty, integrity and is timely with her commitments and scheduling. Her prices are reasonable for the time and labor she dedicates to every project she accepts. She is professional in every avenue in her approach to creating websites and any other projects she accepts. She also is available to maintain that which she designs for your success. I highly recommend her services to all who desire a business woman with years of experience and an asset to her profession.

Thank you Noxgraphics. Thank you Roxanne. You are a valuable part of our success.

Dr. David L Kelso

Years ago, when I was teaching an introduction to website design at a local college in Oregon, Roxanne Theodoroff was one of my students.

If you ever meet her, you’ll understand that I just felt immediate friendship. She’s kind, witty, and very dear.

Well, surprise! The student has gone far, far beyond the teacher. Roxanne is now our webmaster and digital media maven. Take a look at the website she built for our campaign. If you need website development or graphic design, please do contact Roxanne!

Ken Armstrong

Election POTUS,